In the free version, you can spin once a day, and you can add up to 10 pairs of sneakers to your collection. Buy the premium license to enjoy the benefits of the premium bundle. If you are a big collector, you will definitely need it! With the premium license, you can upload an unlimited number of sneakers to your collection, and you can spin as much as you want (in case the spinner does not match your daily taste). Buy the premium licence just for 1.99 USD

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I don’t know about you, but I have never been able to decide which sneaker to put on in the morning. I often stepped out to go shopping / go to the office in the same pair just because it was within reach. But of course it would be great not to forget about the other pairs in my collection... not to always wear the same ones. I have also forgotten about a pair, and then had the discovery: “Wow, I also have this pair”! It would be great to also avoid this. Moreover, I do not usually check the weather in the morning... However, if there is a shower in the afternoon, it would be great not to leave home wearing my snow-white primeknit shoes.

This APP can be used to prevent / solve situations like this.

If you are done with the uploading process, you can simply spin once, and the SNEAKERSPINNER will choose the most suitable model based on the current weather conditions (and your collection settings).

Shoe name recognition from SKU is made possible by TG4 Solutions

This APP can be used to prevent / solve situations like this.